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Supa Cham Chamois in Tube

Synthetic pre wet chamois with rounded corners packed in 2 piece White PVC tube. Chamois supplied with Supa Cham debossed logo as standard. Store Supa Cham in Tube when moist damp to ensure longevity and reusable application on cars, boats, vans and bodies. Collection: Home & Auto Category: Auto Accessories Colours Available: WhiteBlue, WhiteYellow Materials: Chamois: Synthetic, Tube: PVC Item Size: Chamois: 425 x 315mm (LxH), Tube: 175 x 55 x 62mm (LxHxD)

Car Pen Holder

Pen holder which clips securely to car air vents. It has a removable clip which is supplied unassembled. Colours: White. Dimensions: W 25mm x L 88mm x 26mm. Branding Options: Pad Print-8mm x 40mm or 10mm x 20mm (vertical). Packing: Loose packed. Carton Dimensions: 26cm x 26cm x 22cm x Carton Quantity: 250 pieces Carton Weight: 3.00kgCategories: Promotion, Automotive.

Tyre Tread Key Ring

Tool for measuring tyre tread depth with a handy key ring attachment. It is supplied with complete instructions for use and is an ideal safety product. Colours: White. Dimensions: W 32mm x L 75mm x 6mm. (Dia 27mm ring). Branding Options: Pad Print-Front - 55mm x 8mm or 25mm x 25mm. Packing: Loose packed. Carton Dimensions: 45cm x 39cm x 24cm x Carton Quantity: 1000 pieces Carton Weight: 15.60kgCategories: Tools Other, Key Rings, Automotive, Safety.

Rush Car Vent Phone Holder

Spring loaded car vent mobile phone holder attaches to air vent in your car to securely hold and mount your smartphone. Perfect for when you need to take calls, stream music and use your smartphone as a GPS. Ultra light weight means you can take travelling with you. Collection: Technology Category: Tech Accessories Colours Available: WhiteBlack Materials: ABS Item Size: 100 x 28 x 48mm (LxHxD)

Car power adapter with smash-and-grab ra

Car power adapter with smash-and-grab raider. Product Materials: Stainless steel. Product Item Size: 0 x 2.6 x 6.4 cm. Colours: Black | Silver.

Three piece car wash set.

Three piece car wash set. Product Materials: PU, Polyester 600D, Microfiber 200gm2. Product Item Size: 26.2 x 24.5 x 8.5 cm. Colours: Yellow.

Stay Safe Multi-Function Auto Emergency

Illuminates up to 200m. Includes window hammer, safety belt cutter, and built-in magnet for attaching to vehicle. Lasts up to 36 hours when used as a flashlight (using one super bright LED) or up to 48 hours when used to flash red emergency signal (using 9 LEDs). Includes 2 AA batteries.. Size : 191mm(h). Packing : 1-piece white gift box. Material : ABS Plastic. Decoration Area : Spot Colour (Light right, blade top,Centered on BODY) 19mm(h) x 38mm(w) Spot Colour (Light right, blade top,centered on lens,) 16mm(h) x 31mm(w)

StaySafe Compact First Aid Kit

Stay safe with this 28-piece kit. Includes zipped nylon case, scissors, tweezers, one cold pack, 20 bandages (ten 3 inch bandages and ten 2.75 inch bandages) and four antiseptic wipes.. Size : 83mm(h) x 51mm(w) x 127mm(d). Packing : Bulk. Material : 600d PC. Decoration Area : Deboss (Centered on patch) 25mm(h) x 63mm(w) Epoxy Dome (Centered on bezel) - (SMALL OVAL ONLY) Epoxy Dome (Centered on sticker) Epoxy Dome (Centered on top flap) - (SMALL OVAL ONLY) Epoxy Dome (SMALL OVAL ONLY) - (SMALL OVAL ONLY)

On The Go First Aid Kit

Be prepared with this 15pc first aid kit. Compact and portable size made to fit in handbags, backpacks, travel bags and car glove compartments. Includes 6 bandages, 4 alcohol pads, 2 adhesive pads, 1 sterile gauze and 1 adhesive tape roll all in a non woven zip pouch with pocket.. Size : 117mm(h) x 140mm(d). Packing : Bulk. Material : 40g Non-Woven Polypropylene.. Decoration Area : PhotoGrafixx (Carabiner RightCentered on back panel) 38mm(h) x 76mm(w) Spot Colour (Carabiner RightCentered on back panel) 38mm(h) x 76mm(w) Transfer (Carabiner RightCentered on back panel) 38mm(h) x 76mm(w)

Safety Sam 3-in-1 Escape Tool

Let Safety Sam get you out of any jam! Three-in-one emergency safety tool includes hammer to break through glass, seatbelt cutter and dynamo flashlight. Crank handle to generate power. No external batteries needed. Rubber design handle for easy gripping.. Size : 152mm(h) x 25mm(w) x 83mm(d). Packing : Bulk. Material : Rubber. Decoration Area : Spot Colour (LEDs LeftCentered on Handle to Right of "OnOff" Switch) 12.5mm(h) x 44mm(w) Spot Colour (LEDs TopCentered on Handle Below "OnOff" Switch) 44mm(h) x 12.5mm(w)

Deluxe Swivel Dashboard Phone Holder

This universal dashboard phone holder is the perfect gift for hands-free and safe driving. Made to fit most smartphones and small electronics with its adjustable padded sides (maximum width 5 inch). Features include suction cup for dashboard mounting and swivel holder for vertical or horizontal viewing.. Size : 70mm(h) x 89mm(d). Packing : 1-piece white gift box. Material : ABS Plastic. Decoration Area : Spot Colour (Plastic Arm TopCentered on dial of Suction Cup) 25mm(h) - (DIAMETER)

Safety Digital Tire Gauge Tool

Be prepared for all roadside emergencies with this multi-function emergency safety tool. This 4 in 1 safety tool includes a digital tire gauge with PSI, BAR and KPA measurements as well as a window glass breaker, seat belt cutter and LED flashlight. Batteries included.. Size : 140mm(h) x 83mm(d). Packing : 1-piece white gift box. Material : ABS Plastic. Decoration Area : Spot Colour (Piece HorizontalCentered in Silver Panel to Right of Display) 9.5mm(h) x 38mm(w)

Mini Auto Charger

Auto plug adapter. Plug into accessory power outlet to charge personal devices. White LED indicator light. Compatible with smartphones and any device that provides USB cable for charging (excluding iPad and tablet devices). Input: 12-24 Volts. Output: 5V0.5 Amp. USB cable not included. US Patent #D695,225S. iPad is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.. Size : 57mm(d). Packing : Bulk Packed. Material : ABS Plastic. Decoration Area : Spot Colour per side: 9.5mm H x 22mm W (1 color only)

Set of two bicycle lights

Set of two bicycle lights. Product Materials: ABS, Rubber. Product Item Size: 7.6 x 6 x 10.1 cm. Colours: Various.

Mini bicyclebike lights with one LED lig

Mini bicycle lights with one LED light. Product Materials: ABS, PP. Product Item Size: 9.5 x 4.4 x 2.2 cm. Colours: Various.

Bicyclebike cover

Bicycle cover. Product Materials: Polyester 190T. Product Item Size: 26 x 21 x 0 cm. Colours: Black | White | Yellow | Orange | Red | Pink | Lime | Cobalt blue.

Aluminium bicyclebike bell with compass.

Aluminium bicycle bell with compass. Product Materials: Aluminium, Mineral oil. Product Item Size: 4.5 x 6.2 x 7.4 cm. Colours: Silver.

Plastic digital weather station.

Plastic digital weather station. Product Materials: ABS, Glass, Metal, Silicone, PCB. Product Item Size: 7.7 x 13 x 4.1 cm. Colours: White | Silver.

Plastic mobile phone holder for in the c

Plastic mobile phone holder for in the car. Product Materials: ABS, HIPS. Product Item Size: 8.9 x 8.1 x 7 cm. Colours: Black.

Mini Tire Gauge Keychain

Measures up to 50 PSI. Strong clip keychain.. Size : 83mm(d). Packing : Bulk Packed. Material : Aluminum. Decoration Area : Laser per side: 6mm H x 41mm W (Black and blue engraves white. Silver engraves tone-on-tone.)

Life-Saving Hammer

Double-sided metal head shatters car windows in an emergency. Also features a built-in seat belt cutter.. Size : 19mm(h) x 95mm(w) x 152mm(d). Packing : Bulk Packed. Material : ABS Plastic. Decoration Area : Spot Colour per side: 9.5mm H x 31.5mm W

Dashboard Mats

Print Type: Make sure your phone doesn t off your dashboard! This promotional product is a useful item to have for everyone who drives, as it keeps gadgets and things secure on top of your car s dashboard.It is also customizable with your company s logo and message. Print Type: Tools Colours: Black Print Type: GN Weight:22kgs Meas:44x28x46cm Packing:800pcsctn Sizing: 143x85x2.5mm Materials: PU

Head torch, LED lights

Head torch, LED lights. Product Materials: Aluminium. Product Item Size: 5.8 x 4 x 4 cm. Colours: Red | Cobalt blue | Silver.

Aluminium bicyclebike bell

Aluminium bicycle bell. Product Materials: ABS, Aluminium. Product Item Size: 0 x 5.4 x 5.1 cm. Colours: Black | Red | Silver.

Plastic car charger

Plastic car charger. Product Materials: ABS, Aluminium. Product Item Size: 9.5 x 6 x 3.5 cm. Colours: Black | Blue | Red.

Car desk with compartments

Car desk with compartments. Product Materials: Polyester 600D. Product Item Size: 35 x 30 x 4 cm. Colours: Black.

Handy miniature plastic wastepaper baske

Handy miniature plastic wastepaper basket. Product Materials: PP. Product Item Size: 0 x 17.2 x 9.8 cm. Colours: Black.

Car wash set

Car wash set. Product Materials: Fleece, Microfibre, Polyester 600D, PP, Sponge, TPR. Product Item Size: 0 x 26.5 x 8.5 cm. Colours: Black.

Plastic bicycle light with CREE LED

Plastic bicycle light with CREE LED. Product Materials: ABS. Product Item Size: 9 x 4.4 x 8 cm. Colours: Black | Red | Lime | Cobalt blue.

Nylon windscreen cover

Nylon windscreen cover. Product Materials: Nylon, PVC. Product Item Size: 17.5 x 9 x 3 cm. Colours: Silver.
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