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Soft Flexible Vinyl. Flat Flashlight in a soft, vinyl body. 2 LED bulbs. 2 Non-replaceable lithium batteries (battery shelf life lasts several years). Momentary press on/release off switch. Magnetic back. Wrist cord. SUBLIMATION. Product Size: 127Wx38Hx12.7D mm. Print. 127x38 mm. Colours: Up to 6 colours.


ABS. Indicator windows. Flat Flashlight with 2 LED bulbs. 2 Replaceable lithium batteries (button cell CR2032 - accessed via back screws). Momentary press on/release off switch. Magnetic back. Retaining ring. BLACK. Product Size: 127Wx38Hx10D mm. Print. 95x25 mm. Colours: Full colour.

Palm Flashlight

9 LED metal flashlight. Wrist strap feature. Batteries required 3 x AAA. RED, BLUE, SILVER. Product Size: 100Hx31Wx31D mm. Print/Laser Engraving. Size: 12Hx44W mm.

Contour Flashlight

LED / Metal. The taller brother to the Stubby Flashlight (TF-F07). 9 LED bulbs and built-in wrist strap. Batteries not included (3 x AAA). RED, BLUE, SILVER, PINK. Product Size: 117Hx31Wx31D mm. Print/Laser Engraving. Size: 9Hx38W mm (Laser Engraving).

Barrel Stubby Flashlight

LED / Metal. The slimmer sibling of the Stubby Flashlight (TF-F07). 6 LED bulbs. 2 button cell batteries (CR2032-3V) power this flashlight. SILVER/BLUE, SILVER/RED, SILVER/GREEN, SILVER/BLACK. Product Size: 41Hx25Wx25D mm. Laser Engraving. 9Hx19W mm.

Magnetic Emergency Light

Metal. Heavy duty flashlight. A super strong neodymium magnet to hold the flashlight upright against a metal surface. Comes with 7 LED bulbs in the flashlight. 18 LED bulbs on the side to light up any works space. 6 red flashing LED lights to attract attention during an emergency. BLACK. Product Size: 250Hx38Wx38D mm. Laser Engraving. Size: 88Hx16W mm.

14 Led Dura-Light

Metal / LED. This heavy duty flashlight comes with 14 LED lights. A great combination of brightness and durability. BLUE, RED, BLACK, GRAY. Product Size: 139Hx41Wx41D mm. Laser Engraving. Size: 31Hx9W mm.

28 Led Daylight

LED + Metal. This colourful flashlight comes with an illuminating 28 LED lights. Batteries not included (3 x AAA). SILVER/RED, SILVER/BLUE, BLACK/RED, BLACK/BLUE. Product Size: 93Hx44Wx44D mm. Laser Engraving. 12Hx25W mm.

Dark Room Usb Book Light

Aluminum. Brighten up your keyboard, e-reader or car dash with this super bright USB light. Flexible cord holds position once formed. 5 LED bulbs create a brilliant light. Blue, Red, Silver, Black. Product Size: 375L mm. Print. Size: 6Lx32W mm.

Zoom Flashlight

Metal. Powerful flashlight with a 1 watt bulb. Can be zoomed in and out for tighter focus or to cover a larger area. The band around the head of the flashlight lights up when activated. Gift box included. Black, Blue, Red. Product Size: 114Lx25Wx25D mm. Laser Engraving. Size: 13Hx38W mm.

Bottle Opener Flashlight

Metal. This handy item gives you a strong flashlight with the added functionality of a bottle opener. 6 bulb flashlight head. Gift box included. Blue, Red. Product Size: 83Lx25wx25D mm. Print/Laser Engraving. Size: 6Hx32W mm.

Puller Flashlight

Metal. Pull it out and it can serve as a mini lantern. This clever design allows for light out the front and light from the sides. 1 bulb flashlight head. Gift box included. Gunmetal/Black, Gunmetal/Blue, Gunmetal/Red. Product Size: 64Lx22Wx22D mm. Print/Laser Engraving. Size: 25Hx32W mm.

Construction Pro 305Cm Tape Measure

Impact Styrene. Steel, 127mm wide tape combines both inch and metric measurements and auto rewind. Each tape features a soft-touch, stop-and-release button, attractive, nickel plated, belt clip and a black, plastic carrying strap. White tape (white case) or yellow tape (yellow case) with black calibrations. Yellow/Black, White/Blue, White/Black. Product Size: 64Lx57Wx19D mm. Print. Size: 38Lx38W mm circle.

Standard Tape Measure

3m tape measure. Features a sliding lock button, metal belt clip and a wrist strap. Measures in metric and inches. Polybagged. White. Product Size: 57Hx64Wx22D mm. Print. Size: 42D mm.
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