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Friday, March 20, 2020

Get comfy in style with our street fashion blank apparel brand: AS Colour!

If you’re looking for something with a bit of an attitude, this company is for you. They offer an added edge to the basic tees and hoodies along with great basic blanks.

With AS Colour:

- Quality is key.
- Respect the details.
- Keep it simple.

AS Colour creates innovative garments that are built for purpose whilst looking good. Who knew comfort and style could go hand in hand?

We can accommodate small to large quantities.


Screen Printing AS Colour

  • The type of fabric you choose for your garment is not only important for the feel and look, it can make a big difference to the way it prints too.
  • Our AS Colour range specialises in fine combed cotton fabrics, which are designed specifically to screenprint better than basic carded or uncombed cotton.
  • Combed cotton has more of the fibre removed in the knitting process, which means printing inks sit much more cleanly on the face of the shirt after printing. Combed cotton is also much better for new techniques like direct to garment (DTG) inkjet printing.
  • Producing combed cotton garments is a more involved process and does cost more, but AS Colour is all about providing the very best blank canvases on which you can print your ideas.
  • AS Colour garments come with neck labels and are made in Bangladesh.
  • We can also embroider AS Colour!


What makes AS Colour different to other clothing brands?

  1. FIT - Throughout the design and sampling process we scrutinise every dimension and detail. That’s how AS Colour make sure all of the garments we produce are timeless and always fit like they should.
  2. FABRIC - The production process begins with sourcing the highest quality yarn.  AS Colour don’t buy pre-made fabric off the open market. They pay attention to the entire textile process so that the end garment holds its shape and is built to last.
  3. FINISH - AS Colour keep a close eye on every step in their intensive production process. Because of their close involvement in quality control, they are able to produce garments with a finish recognised as one of the best print faces on the market.
  4. FACTORIES - They work closely with each of their AS Colour factories providing them with regular production orders and consistent pricing. They require periodic audits to ensure all the factories meet their labour and production standards. This allows customers to feel assured about how AS Colour do business and how their products are made.


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